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Fenghua Dabu Frozen Food Co.,Ltd. is 20km away from Ningbo,the coastal open city in China,35km from Beilun International Container Terminal,15km from Ningbo Airport and 10.5km from Xikou(fromer residence of Chiang Kaishek),a national scenic spot.The transport conditions are very convenient.On the southeast seashore,this region enjoys a marine climate and is abundant in farm produce resources.

First established in 1971,the company was transferred to a share-system enterprose in 1997.It has walked a steady and surefooted way of 33 years under the concerted effort of the whold staff and their hard work.Starting from 1988,our company has specialized in producing quick-frozen vegetable series products.The annual output of this own plant is above 5,000 tons.In 1999,our company was authorized to be engaged in import and export trade.Based on a 16-year history of frozen vegetable production.the enterprise owns rich experience and a group nof backbone technicians.The quick frozen and preserved vegetables are exported to Japan,Korea,Europe,America and Southease Asian areas.In 2001 ,the company invested over ten million yuan through self-financing in the overall renovation of the plant.This action pushed our enterprise to ascend on a new stage.After the renovation,our compoany have loose typle raw materials base 8,000 odd mu,close type raw materials base 500mu.The native produces of this area such as refresh bamboo shoots,yellow peaches and taros take certain superiority and are well known in the whole country.

Our company has established a sense of social responsibility for the consumer public and stressed on quality management.We have set up a perfect quality assurance system.In the production process,the series products are produced and managed in strict accordance with ISO9000 and HACCP standards.We aim to produce green and organic food good for human health.

Though we are a medium or small sized enterprise at present without a large production scale,we firmly believe that we will constantly broaden our way based on the hard work of our whole staff,scientific management,open-mind to feedback from domestic and foreigh clients,continuous quality improvement and establishment of fine commodity credit.In the meanwhile ,we will have our friends covering every part of the world.With the great support of the various circles of the society and cooperation of the Chinese and foreign business people,we will have a bright future.Let s join hands for creation of mutually benefited success.


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